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Anthony Spangler Elementary

Anthony Spangler Elementary School, a public elementary school, situated at 140 North Abbott Avenue, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States, is one of the city’s most highly regarded schools. The institution is adjacent to several neighborhoods, including Hidden Lake Village / Coventry on the east; Terra Serena Luna / Parc Metro on the southeast; and Northwestern Milpitas on the north, serving students in K-6 levels. The nearby Hall Memorial Park, located approximately 1.4 miles north of Anthony Spangler Elementary School and is roughly four minutes away from the institution, is a local landmark that makes getting to and from the school easier, especially if you are traversing through North Abbott Avenue. As a public school with a diverse student body, it is committed to eliminating all forms of violence and prejudice against people of color.

Calaveras Hills High School

Located in Milpitas, California, and lovingly referred to as “Cal Hills” by its students and the local community, Calaveras Hills High School caters to grades nine through twelve. It is situated at 1331 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, California 95035, United States, and is close to the communities of Central Milpitas to the west, Piedmont Heights to the southwest, and Sunny Hills to the northwestern side. A nearby landmark is Ed R. Levin County Park, which is 2.1 miles from the school’s east and can be accessed in a 4-minute drive through Calaveras Road. If you are looking for the best alternative school in California, go no further than Calaveras Hills.

Curtner Elementary

Curtner Elementary School accommodates students in grades kindergarten through sixth, a local public school with excellent ratings from parents and kids. Developing pupils into well-informed, open-minded, and firm individuals is one of the school’s primary focuses. The school is located in the Milpitas Manor area at 275 Redwood Avenue, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States. The outstanding educational institution is encircled on all sides by various residential neighborhoods, such as Northwestern Milpitas to the north, Hidden Lake Village / Coventry to the east, and Terra Serena Luna / Parc Metro to the south. To get to Curtner Elementary, Milpitas Library is a familiar landmark. It is simply a two-minute trip via Marylinn Drive and North Abel Street, about one mile away from the school’s southernmost point.

John Sinnott Elementary

John Sinnott Elementary is one of Milpitas’ top public elementary schools that educates around 730 kindergartens through sixth graders from various backgrounds. The school is fully staffed to help students discover their academic and social potential while cultivating a sense of civic duty and stewardship in the larger community. John Sinnott Elementary is located in the Parktown area at 2025 Yellowstone Avenue, Milpitas, California, 95035. The establishment is situated close to several residential areas, the most notable of which are Piedmont Heights to the north and Victoria Park and Calera Creek Heights to the east. The adjacent Cardoza Park is a local landmark that makes it easy to get to and from the school, particularly if you are traveling along Yellowstone Avenue and South Park Victoria Drive. The park is situated around two miles to the north of John Sinnott Elementary and is approximately five minutes away from the institution.

Joseph Weller Elementary

One of the schools in Milpitas that fosters a constructive environment and contributes to the overall success of its pupils is the Joseph Weller Elementary School. The school has around 460 children enrolled in transitional kindergarten through grade 6, representing a wide range of backgrounds. The Joseph Weller Elementary School is found in the community of Sunny Hills, which can be located at 345 Boulder Street, Milpitas, California 95035, United States. This area is flanked by numerous other neighborhoods, including Northwestern Milpitas to its west, Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights to its east, and Central Milpitas to its south. Peter Gill Memorial Park, a local park about six minutes away by Escuela Parkway and only 1.8 miles away from the school’s southern point, will make your trip with your children a lot more convenient if you plan to visit. This outstanding school not only meets the academic demands of its pupils but also works to develop them as morally upright and admirable persons as a result.

Mabel Mattos Elementary

One of Milpitas’ public schools, Mabel Mattos Elementary School, is situated in the Starlite Pines / Midtown area at 1750 McCandless Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035. The north section of the institution is next to the community of Terra Serena Luna / Parc Metro. Mabel Mattos Elementary School’s primary goal is to help students unleash their full potential and improve the quality of life for all people through education. One of the landmarks that you may utilize to make it easier to get to the school is Cataldi Park, which is just a seven-minute drive away from the school through Cropley Avenue and Trade Zone Boulevard and is around 2.0 miles away from the school’s most southeasterly point.

Marshall Pomeroy Elementary

The Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School is a public elementary school educating children from kindergarten to grade six, located among the residential areas of Sunny Hills. It has received several recognitions throughout the years. It is situated at 1505 Escuela Parkway, Milpitas, California, 95035. It is bounded by the neighborhoods of Northwestern Milpitas on its west, Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights on its east, and Central Milpitas on its south. Cedar Lawn Cemetery, the closest landmark, is about five minutes away by car via North Milpitas Boulevard and Washington Drive and is only 1.5 miles from the northernmost point of the public school. Pupils at Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School are making better academic improvements than students at other schools in the state.

Milpitas Adult School

Milpitas Adult is a school for adults catering to 18 and above. The institution encourages students to improve their self-esteem, develop their social duties, broaden their vocational skills, achieve academic achievement, and pursue personal interests to enhance and enrich their lives. It can be found at 1331 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, California 95035, United States, and part of the Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights area. It is surrounded by several communities, including Central Milpitas to the west and Piedmont Heights to the southeast. Milpitas High School, located 2.4 miles northwest of the school and accessible through East Calaveras Boulevard, might be a landmark for those traveling to the institution.

Milpitas High

Milpitas High School is a public comprehensive high school in Milpitas, California that offers all four years of secondary education. It is one of the high school institutions in Milpitas, and it now serves more than 3,000 students who are obtaining an excellent education. Located at 1285 Escuela Parkway in Milpitas, CA 95035, the school is inside the Sunny Hills neighborhood of the city. Several other communities surround the school, including Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights on its east, Central Milpitas on its south, and Northwestern Milpitas on its west. The neighboring Peter Gill Memorial Park is one of the landmarks that visitors may utilize while traveling to Milpitas High School. It is just a 4-minute drive through Escuela Parkway and is only 1.3 miles away from the institution’s southern point.

Milpitas Middle College High

Middle College High School in Milpitas, California, is a public high school serving students from ninth through twelfth grades. Juniors at the Middle College High School have a supportive atmosphere in which they may plan for their college education. Their coursework consists of classes at the Honors level in the high school and college courses from one of the following three academic tracks: education/social work, business administration/entrepreneurship, or health sciences. The institution is situated in the Sunny Hills neighborhood at 1450 Escuela Parkway in Milpitas, California. Several communities surround the school. The most prominent are Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights to the east, Central Milpitas to the south, and Northwestern Milpitas to the west. One of the closest landmarks in Milpitas Middle College High is the Milpitas Library, about a 5-minute drive along North Abel Street and around a 2-mile distance from the school’s southwest corner.

Pearl Zanker Elementary

Located at 1585 Fallen Leaf Drive in Milpitas, California, Pearl Zanker Elementary School is one of the city’s most highly rated schools, catering to K-6 students. Several communities border the university, notably the lovely neighborhood of Terra Serena Luna / Parc Metro to the north. CrossFit Milpitas is a nearby landmark that makes it easier to get to and from Pearl Zanker Elementary School, particularly for those traveling along Montague Expressway. It’s around 1.9 miles northeast of the school and takes about five minutes. This institution is one of Milpitas’ best public schools, providing its students and parents with the most significant level of education and a secure, risk-free environment for the children.

Rancho Milpitas Middle

In grades seven through eight, students are served by Rancho Milpitas Middle School, a public middle school in Milpitas. The school offers advanced STEM courses that may help your kid succeed in high school. Within the community of Parktown, the Rancho Milpitas Middle School may be found at 1915 Yellowstone Avenue, Milpitas, California 95035. Several communities are located near the school, including Piedmont Heights and Victoria Park/Calera Creek Heights to the north and east, respectively. Cardoza Park, a neighboring landmark, is just a 5-minute drive from the school through North Park Victoria Drive and Yellowstone Avenue and is only 1.9 miles from the school’s northernmost point.

Robert Randall Elementary

One of Milpitas’ best public elementary schools, Robert Randall Elementary School, is located at 1300 Edsel Drive in Milpitas, California. The school’s goal is to provide students from Kindergarten through Grade Six with a well-rounded education that emphasizes academics and character development. As a diverse institution, it serves as a watchdog to prevent any bias from taking place. A number of neighborhoods surround Robert Randall Elementary School, the closest of which is Piedmont Heights to the east, Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights to the north, and Parktown to the south. People may also use a local landmark to help them get to the school more quickly: Sinnott Park is a 3-minute commute via Yellowstone Avenue and South Park Victoria Drive and about 1.3 miles from the public school’s southeastern tip.

Thomas Russell Middle

Thomas Russell Middle School is one of Milpitas’ public middle schools situated at 1500 Escuela Parkway in Milpitas, California, 95035. Thomas Russel Middle School serves students in grades seven and eight with a commitment to equality. Treating all kids equally shows that pupils of all ethnicities have achieved outstanding test scores without any race falling behind. The institution is located close to several communities, such as Central Milpitas to the south, Northwestern Milpitas to the west, and Victoria Park/Calera Creek Heights to the east. Milpitas Sports Center is one of the local landmarks close to the educational institution. The sports center can be reached in only 7 minutes through Escuela Parkway and is located around 2.5 miles from the school’s most southeasterly point.

William Burnett Elementary

The William Burnett Elementary School is a public elementary school that serves around 600 children in grades ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. It is situated in the Victoria Park / Calera Creek Heights area at 400 Fanyon Street, Milpitas, California 95035, United States. Several areas surround the school, including Central Milpitas to the west and Piedmont Heights to the southeast. Students at William Burnett Elementary School are expected to attain high educational and behavioral standards and acquire a sense of personal and community responsibility as part of the school’s purpose. The Milpitas Library, which is just a 6-minute drive through West Calaveras Boulevard and 2.5 miles from the school’s southwest point, is one of the institution’s surrounding landmarks.

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